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The Client: Caterpillar

The Business:
Construction Machinery OEM

Test Kits Used:
Laboratory services

Laboratory Used:
WearCheck South Africa.

Johannesburg Oil Analysis Laboratory, a WearCheck Case Study

The Caterpillar oil analysis laboratory in Johannesburg, a joint venture between Barlows Equipment Company and WearCheck South Africa ( a division of Set Point Technology )

The client:
South Africa

The business:
Construction Machinery OEM

Test Kits used:

Laboratory services

Laboratory used:
WearCheck South Africa

A new oil analysis laboratory capable of handling 3000 samples per month is to be opened in Johannesburg in August as a joint venture between Barlows Equipment Company and Set Point Technology.

To be known as the Barlows SOS laboratory, it has been established to produce analytical results of samples from Caterpillar equipment in Southern Africa.

The new lab will be managed, operated and maintained for Barlows by Wearcheck staff. Interpretation of the analytical results will be done by Lutz Meyer at Barlows in line with Caterpillar procedure internationally.

Located at Barlows’ Isando offices, the new laboratory will be equipped with instruments acquired by Set Point and Wearcheck in the purchase of CMS International in February this year. In addition, Set Point has invested substantially in new equipment to establish analysis capabilities comparable with those at Wearcheck’s Pinetown laboratory.

Says Wearcheck divisional director of Set Point, Gary Brown, ‘ Wearcheck has been providing a sample analysis service for Barlows for several years. This new venture is an extension of that role.’

According to Barlows director Rodney Wainwright, the major benefits to Caterpillar owners will be:

  • The joint investment by Barlows and Setpoint in a world-class laboratory
  • The advanced capabilities of Wearcheck
  • The engineering and technical support from Caterpillar’s world-wide experience
  • The backup of the extensive Barlows Equipment organisation.

The new Johannesburg facility will be operated by chemist Greg Morse, who worked in Wearcheck’s Pinetown laboratory for two years. The equipment will be maintained by Wearcheck laboratory manager Alistair Geach and chemist Neil Robinson to ensure consistency of results.

This case study provides a good idea of what WearCheck can offer to this type of business. To see the recommended Oil Analysis tests that are available to this industry, go to the Construction Oil Analysis Services page.