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WearCheck has the benefit of a global network of industry knowledge leaders. The following resources are drawn from hundreds of years of their experience in the oil analysis industry. We hope you find these resources helpful in your understanding of oil analysis and provide you with an oil analysis program of increased value.

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WebCheck v2

[ English | Español | Française | Nederlands ]

WebCheck v2, the new oil analysis management platform developed by the multidisciplinary team of experts at WearCheck International is an intuitive and simple platform that provides you with all the information, trends, and maintenance recommendations you need to keep your equipment in top condition. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, the WebCheck v2 platform takes your equipment maintenance to the next level, all from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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When is the best time to start an oil analysis program?

Are you curious about when is the best time to start an oil analysis program? Gloria Gonzalez, the General Manager of WearCheck Canada, provides an insightful explanation. With her extensive experience in oil analysis, Gloria knows that early detection is key to minimizing equipment downtime and maximizing reliability.

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Why WearCheck?

Why use WearCheck? WearCheck not only helps reduce the cost to own/operate assets, it helps reduce the time and cost end-users spend to manage and run their oil analysis program. With the implementation of asset tags, QR SIF’s and online/remote sample submission, total costs for a high level condition based monitoring program can be greatly reduced. This video highlights a few of the advantages of using the WearCheck oil analysis service.

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Honewell SOAP Report

The Honeywell Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program (SOAP) analysis report.

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How not to Submit Samples to the Laboratory

How not to submit samples to the laboratory","Common issues with samples submitted to the WearCheck laboratory are reviewed. Sample issues cause delays, and slow down the sample layout process. Please ensure that you are completing your sample forms, and properly packing your sample when sending them to the WearCheck laboratory.

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How To Take Oil Samples from Fleet Machines

How to take oil samples from engines, transmission and hydraulic systems for fleet machinery

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Submitting Samples with the Phone App

How to use the WearCheck Oil Analysis app to submit samples using an iOS or Android smart device (phone / tablet)

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Submitting Samples to the Laboratory

How to properly prepare your samples for return to the WearCheck laboratory using the new QR-coded sample information forms and poly pack mailer.

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Submitting Adhoc Samples

Instructions on submitting adhoc fluid samples (samples submitted without WearCheck sample kits).

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Transformer Analysis - How to take Samples

Instructions on taking syringe and bottle samples for transformer/insulating fluids.

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Transformer Analysis - Using the Kit

Instructions on using the WearCheck Transformer Analysis syringe case and kit.

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Using the Soft Mailer (Polypack)

Instructions on submitting fluid samples with the soft mailer (polypack).

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Submitting Samples with the App

Instructions on using the WearCheck phone app to submit oil samples for mobile equipment.

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Submitting Thermal Fluid Samples

Instructions and forms for submitting thermal/heat transfer fluid samples.

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Using QR Forms for Thermal Fluids

Instructions on using the pre-labelled QR forms with thermal/heat transfer fluids.

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Options for Submitting Samples On-line

The various ways that you can submit oil samples using on-line tools.

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New Sample Forms

An overview of WearCheck's new thermal QC code sample forms.

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New Sample Report

An overview of WearCheck's new sample report format.

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Submitting Honeywell SOAP Samples

Instructions on remitting Honeywell Oil & Filter (SOAP) Samples.

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